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Deena will

  • represent you in your home purchase transaction and will always hold your best interests first and foremost
  • help you get the home best suited to your needs and wants, in the right location, and at the right price
  • educate you about the current housing market conditions
  • discuss and analyze best alternatives that best fit your budget and criteria
  • resolve any challenges that may arise when purchasing your new home
  • do due delligence and research to the best of her abilities to ensure that you are buying a good property
  • provide the highest quality of service so that you feel comfortable and confident in the process
  • will not let any good homes slip through the cracks - you will be set up for FREE updates on properties from various real estate boards, faster than
  • set you up on her Preferred Client System
  • be your resource for useful information and benefits like the Govt's Home Buyer's Plan
  • be your resource for contact information for various professionals and trades that you would need before, during and after the purchase process

Download her FREE Canadian Mortgage App - specifically for Canadian mortgages and updated regularly as per changes to rules and regulations. Figure out what your ideal purchase price would be in terms of your affordability and see how much adjustments in price actually affect your monthly payments  - you might be pleasantly surprised!


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Deena will

  • expertly market your property to bring you the highest possible offer price that the market will bear

  • do a professional analysis of the most likely demographic that will buy your house, and crate a customized marketing plan targeting that market segment

  • conduct a comparative market analysis to demonstrate what other homes in your area have been sold for in the recent months

  • complete a property profile of your home, including current conditions, surroundings and special features

  • create a Premium Buyer's Information Package for your property

  • engage appropriate professional services to ensure your property favourably stands out among its' competition

  • market your home through various effective marketing channels including online marketing via social media, websites, and multiple listing services

  • secure the assistance of other professionals necessary for completing the transaction and meeting critical deadlines

  • offer FREE services in her Smart Listing Package


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Newcomers to Canada

Deena is here to help you. She was a newcomer to Canada herself once, and knows first-hand the challenges and trials that lie ahead. She is a knowledgeable resource to turn to for matters related, or even unrelated, to real estate.

Ask her about EASY SOLUTIONS to overcome 'no credit history' and other home financing obstacles, or any other questions related to settling down in Canada and making it your new home. She will be happy to hear from you :)

(For information on how to build credit when you are new to Canada, please click here)


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First Time Home Buyers

There are so many questions and so much to learn and understand when you are buying a home for the very first time. It can be confusing and overwhelming.

Deena is an excellent resource for information and guidance, even if you are early in your search and not really sure about the When, Where, or How. Ask Deena about Special TAX rebates available to you, and download her FREE Canadian Mortgage App to play around with numbers to see how small adjustments can make big changes in your purchasing power.

Feel free to connect with Deena (see contact info below). You can call /text /WhatsApp /email or message via social media anytime  - she is smart, has a good sense of humour ... and loves questions! Her favourite quote is "I don't wear glasses for nothing"! :D

Alternatively, you may find the answers to some of your real estate questions here.


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The Canadian economy is going strong, unemployment is at an all-time low, and gobally investors see the Canadian real estate market as a stable place to invest your money. There are, of course, pockets that are more favorable than others.

Take advantage of Deena’s background in Business and Economics, and her knowledge and expertise regarding the real estate market, and connect with her to discuss your real estate investment goals. Ask Deena how you can get the HIGHEST return on, and of, your investment dollars.


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