"DEENA is the most wonderful and professional real estate agent everyone can ever have. We have worked with her FOUR times and each of them have been incredible experiences. She is always available, always smiling and positive, but most importantly, she is honest and protects your best interests. Deena is hands down the best in the business and we are so lucky to have her as our agent and as a true friend."

- Kevin & Carmen Thorburn

Burlington, ON

November 2018


Image of client testimonial DEENA RIZWAN Real Estate Broker

"Hey Deena! This is with love from us to you:

Because Deena was our agent when we bought our first house, there was no doubt that Kevin and I wanted her back as our agent to help us out, not only buying our next home but to sell our present house. We can only say that Deena exceeded any expectation that anyone can ever have! Her professionalism and her effectiveness are beyond good. She walks you through the process in such a way that you are always in control, always aware of what's going on, making something that could be long and stressful, a fast and easy process.

We strongly recommend Deena to anyone who is thinking about buying or selling (or both) homes."

- Carmen Escobar Thorburn

“Thank you Deena for all your "the Best Realtor in the World" energy and effort.

It was an awesome ride!!”

- Kevin Thorburn

Oakville & Burlington, ON

March 2016

"We were lucky to have Deena as our real estate agent. She is extremely professional, highly efficient and keeps our best interest at her heart. She is always available, affable and very knowledgeable. Deena is not just a real estate agent but a true friend. We unreservedly recommend her. If you ever want to buy or sell a house Deena is the best person you could choose. THANK YOU DEENA.”

-Dr. Shahid & Uzma Husain

Toronto, Ontario

April 2018


"I have just purchased my 8th home through Deena Rizwan and I have NEVER and an easier time.  She negotiated for a price $30,000 under list for a beautiful condo townhouse that was fully renovated and in total move-in condition.

Then came the hard part - selling my Oakville home in a down market.  First she professionally cleaned and the staged my home so that it showed as being not only more beautiful, but also more spacious. It was listed at a fair price on Friday March 9,  then she had 2 open houses March 10 and 11.  On Sunday March 11 we received 3 offers. We sold our house $10,000 over list! 

In all my 48 years of being a home owner (1st house bought in Oakville May 1970), I have NEVER met a smarter or more hard working real estate agent.  I would recommend Deena to everyone who needs to buy or sell.  She makes a tough, stressful process - a pleasure!!"

-Janette Lochhead

Oakville, Ontario

March 2018

- Jordan & Dasha

Hamilton, Ontario - December 2017

CONGRATULATIONS Jordan and Dasha, on buying your very first home together!!

Welcome to living in Hamilton, Ontario - one of the fastest transitioning towns in the Golden Horseshoe. I'm thrilled that I was able to share your first home buying adventure, and get you the house you fell in love with ... all while you were sipping mimosas vacationing in Costa Rica :D

Wishing you every happiness - and many hours of star-gazing from your 3rd floor deck ... as Jordan, you play your guitar and Dasha, you admire the panoramic Niagara escarpment views. Enjoy!

At Deena's Client Appreciation Event: Movie Morning with Santa

"Deena is an amazing real estate agent. My experience from renting property to purchasing my new home was extremely positive and stress free thanks to Deena. Right from the start she understood what I wanted and needed, in both the rental property and my new home. It is important to me that my agent be well-informed, transparent, and prioritizes my interest. This is exactly what I got from Deena. She is honest, thorough, trustworthy and extremely knowledgeable in not only real estate but the elements in a house (e.g. flooring, windows, water pipes, furnace, etc.). I was extremely impressed with her professionalism, expertise, personality and especially her factual and objective analysis of information. I never felt pressured and always made me feel at ease. She always made herself available at any time during the day/night to address my queries and/or concerns. Worked diligently to ensure the purchase agreement had the right clauses and conditions, keeping my interest in mind. What amazes me is the endless list of referrals she has related to the house. Starting from the lawyer, mortgage advisor, home inspectors, to moving company, handyman, etc. Even after moving into the house she constantly checked on me if I was settling in well. She is very driven and passionate about her work. Nothing misses her keen eye to detail. Deena is the perfect agent and highly recommend her to all my friends and family.

‘A good agent will not only tell you what you want to hear, but also what you need to hear’ "

- Avnee Patel

Oakville, ON

May 2018


"It is our pleasure to recommend Deena Rizwan as an exemplary Real Estate agent. She assisted us in the buying of our house in Oakville and the selling of our house in Mississauga. Her tireless efforts began with attentive research, accurate analysis of the local market, and thorough attention to detail which was evident in the way she staged and marketed our Mississauga home. She spared no expense in advertising and preparing exceptional brochures which were used for presentation on the internet as well as for showings. She was also very thorough in assisting us in assessing the market value of our home by researching comparable listings in the area and carefully evaluating our home in relation to other recent sales.

Deena is kind, caring, professional, hardworking , personable, knowledgeable and very responsive. She expertly used her personal communication skills to outline the features and benefits of our property to prospective buyers. She was committed to selling our house at the expense of her own personal time demonstrating her high level of integrity and dedication. She responded immediately to our many emails and phone calls. She went above and beyond the call of duty in helping us to buy and sell.

Deena has a calm and gracious manner and is truly concerned with making the buying and selling experience as stress free as possible. She never neglected to communicate with us and keep us well informed. During the presentation of offers, we witnessed her exemplary credentials as a Certified Negotiation Expert and were thoroughly impressed.

We consider Deena to be more than an outstanding Real Estate Agent of the highest calibre. She has become a close friend."

- John & Helen Spizarsky

Mississauga & Oakville, ON

"My husband, Darren, and I have spent the last month working closely with our real estate agent, Deena Rizwan of Royal LePage.  One evening we stumbled across a home online and fell in love with it.  That led to a decision to place our home on the market 5 days later.  Getting a house “market ready” with two small children is a huge challenge.  Deena worked around our difficult schedules and made sure we had all of the information necessary to make an educated decision about listing our home.  Deena’s services included a comprehensive market analysis, free staging consultation and a maid service to clean the house from top to bottom the day before photographs were taken.  I could not possibly list all of the things that Deena did during those 5 days to help us get our home ready to sell.  Throughout the entire process of selling our home, I never felt any pressure from Deena to do anything.  

Our house went on the market and Deena spent the next 24 hours juggling the logistics of 7 competing offers for the purchase of our home.  In the end, she was able to negotiate an offer that was 105% of our listing price.  The house was sold firm in one day – no conditions.

Purchasing our new home was a challenge from the start.  It required significant negotiations and patience.  There were many obstacles to purchasing our new home, but Deena weathered them all with professionalism and patience.  Deena kept us informed of everything that transpired and outlined our options each and every time.

In an industry with many agents to choose from, we were fortunate to find Deena."

- Jen Bromley

Oakville, ON

Image of client testimonial DEENA RIZWAN Real Estate Broker
Family fun at Deena's Client Appreciation Bowling Event - 2016
Image of client testimonial DEENA RIZWAN Real Estate Broker
Image of client testimonial DEENA RIZWAN Real Estate Broker

House sold by DEENA RIZWAN - Happy Real Estate Investors - Hamilton Real Estate Investment Opportunities

"Deena, thank you very much for all your help with finding our new home in Oakville. We really appreciated your fast response and all the time you spent to listen and understand our requirements, show us all possible options, answer our questions, and helping us in the negotiation process. We also most appreciate your help in making our transition to Oakville easier by introducing to us the local area, advising services and helping us settle down. It’s with great pleasure that we recommend your service to anyone who are looking for a good Realtor."

- Yana and Yuri T

Oakville, ON

"Deena helped my husband and I find our first apartment together back in 2012. We knew absolutely nothing about what to look for, or what to look out for! Deena was happy to answer all of our questions (quickly responding by e-mail or phone) and we had quite a few! Naturally, we approached Deena when we looked into purchasing our first home three years later, in 2015. We saw many houses with Deena who was patient, courteous, flexible and made the whole process as stress free as possible."

- Kelly Ademi

Mississauga, ON

Image of client testimonial DEENA RIZWAN Real Estate Broker

The Ademi Family at my annual Client Appreciation Bowling Event (2016) - Mississauga, ON

Image of client testimonial DEENA RIZWAN Real Estate Broker
Image of client testimonial DEENA RIZWAN Real Estate Broker

The Ademis and the Smiths at my annual Client Appreciation Bowling Event (2017) - Mississauga, ON

Image of client testimonial DEENA RIZWAN Real Estate Broker
Image of client testimonial DEENA RIZWAN Real Estate Broker
Image of client testimonial DEENA RIZWAN Real Estate Broker

Let the good times bowl! Suzanne and Tony at my Client Appreciation Bowling event - Mississauga, 2016.

"Deena Rizwan is a terrific real estate agent. She found a new home for us and then sold our present house in three days, for well above the list price!

Deena has great marketing skills and had my husband and I as her Top Priority. She is quick and efficient. I really can't say enough good things about her. Everyone should have a real estate agent like Deena.

She's the 'BEST in the whole world'! Thanks Deena!!"

- Suzanne and Tony Dennis

Oakville & Burlington, ON

Image of client testimonial DEENA RIZWAN Real Estate Broker

Image of client testimonial DEENA RIZWAN Real Estate Broker

Original artwork - and I was the artists' inspiration! :)

My youngest clients drew this adorable picture for me as a 'thank you' for finding them their first home here in Canada. And even better - just in time for Christmas! My sincerest wishes to the Van Vliet family: may they enjoy their new home in the best of health, with much happiness and prosperity. (And of course, have lots more playtime fun as shown so perfectly in the picture above!)


"Upon arrival in Canada, from Holland, we were facing a challenge in finding a place to live on a short notice. By chance we met Deena. She literally picked us up and guided us. Finding a place to live seemed the least of her worries. She did her utmost to make us feel comfortable, helped us with settling in and showed us all the, for us, interesting and much needed points of interest. In all this she also negotiated a lower rent than we anticipated. All without any charge for us. In our Dutch state of mind, we immediately thought ‘what is the catch?’, but there was none. Deena is just a warm and caring person who wants to help others get better. She is structured, organised, flexible, 24/7 and very much on the ball and all this she combines with respect and empathy. We are thankful we met Deena, business related as well as socially. We hope to stay in touch. Many thanks from the Van Vliet family."

- The Van Vliet Family

Oakville, ON

Image of client testimonial DEENA RIZWAN Real Estate Broker

The Van Vliet family at my Client Appreciation 'Movie Morning with Santa' annual event - Oakville, 2015.

Image of client testimonial DEENA RIZWAN Real Estate Broker
Image of client testimonial DEENA RIZWAN Real Estate Broker

"Congratulations Deena! (On winning the President's Gold Award in 2016). You work very hard for your clients. You are a warm and caring Realtor and you always give your best. You stay connected with your clients afterwards and take time to do this. You will always be my number one choice when using a Realtor and when recommending one to friends."

- Nelmari Davidse

Oakville, ON

Image of client testimonial DEENA RIZWAN Real Estate Broker

Home sold by DEENA RIZWAN - Happy Home Buyers - Unique Milton home
Home sold by DEENA RIZWAN - Happy Home Buyers - Unique Milton home
Home sold by DEENA RIZWAN - Happy Home Buyers - Unique Milton home

Thank you so much Deena, for helping us find our dream home and for assisting us throughout.

Your hard work, dedication and perseverance are highly appreciated and we would definitely recommend your services to our friends as well.

Please stay in touch as there's lots more to come - hope we continue to work together in the future too!

- Sabeen and Labeeb Ahmed

Milton, ON

Image of client testimonial DEENA RIZWAN Real Estate Broker
Image of client testimonial DEENA RIZWAN Real Estate Broker

Happy Sellers after the sale of their property in 2016 - The Awan Family , Milton

"The first time we came across Deena was at a common friend’s dinner in April 2015. We were searching for a rental house in Oakville. During those 1-2 hours she came to know that we are looking for a rental house and promised to help us and so we exchanged emails. To be honest at this point I was like what the heck after all it’s just an email and that I am going to go with my previous realtor who helped us buy our first house. I had my comfort level with my existing realtor who was a professional as well as our family friend too. But just to mention that Deena never pushed us for our email or contact information. It was just a normal exchange to be in touch.

From this point onwards the journey with Deena has been nothing less than a mesmerizing experience. We felt so secure and well guided during this entire process. She truly and honestly amazed us at every single step of this  process. She knew we wanted a house quick, surrounded by good schools, our daily work travel, family needs, our life style and budgetary constraints. She would communicate with us as soon as a house would appear on the market via phone, email, whatsapp. She showed us more than 20 houses in a very short span of time with not even a frown on her forehead (I know I am a tough customer) and between myself, my wife and two kids the selection process is not that easy. She found us a very beautiful house within 3 weeks. I am not even mentioning the small but valuable advice that Deena gave us during our house hunting. Sometimes she herself would bring up a point in a house that never came to our minds and it prevented us from renting a wrong property.

So the next step of the process is negotiating after short listing the house. This is where the real metal of the real estate agent is put to task. Both of us have masters degree in business and we think of us a pros when it comes to people dealing and negotiations. Prior to this we have purchased and or rented 4 properties in Canada through other agents and we had thought that an agent cannot do much at this point. But in a competitive market like Oakville where you have multiple offers an agent like Deena can really do wonders.

At the point of signing the offer she made sure that we understood each and every clause. Even after our offer got accepted Deena just did not wash her hands away from us. She then guided us as to what kind of insurances we need, how and when to get the utilities etc.

In a nut shell…Deena is a very honest and caring real estate agent. Her analytical skills and negotiating skills are above par. She is a breed apart. She takes her work very seriously and is very passionate about it. We are very grateful to her for her services and we wish her the best of everything. Not to mention that my next real estate deal will be done by none other than Deena. THANK YOU Deena."

- Asad & Ismat, Zohrah & Zarmeen.

Image of client testimonial DEENA RIZWAN Real Estate Broker
Image of client testimonial DEENA RIZWAN Real Estate Broker

"I had the chance meet Deena Rizwan and use her expertise as a real estate agent when I needed to rent a house in Oakville. On the personal level I wasn't the ideal client due to fact that I hold a BSc in architecture and I was totally not easy to please, I was looking for a rental that must be so good in every detail and at the same time I was not willing to spend a lot of money on a lease.

On the other hands, I was not the perfect Tenant, for that fact that I am new in Ontario and did not have local references. When I first met Deena I was almost hopeless in finding my target and was not in the mood for viewing more houses that would not meet my standards, but on the first day I met Deena, she immediately proved to me by her enthusiasm and passion for her work that she is capable of understanding my requirements and work based on them.

Deena was unique in her work, trustworthy in every detail. She was energetic and honest, persistent in her pursuit and would never accept rejection, but most of all she was a friend and a person to rely on. I called and emailed Deena in late night hours or on early mornings, she was always willing to listen and deal with my case as if it was the most important thing in life. Deena suffered and shared the emotions with me and my family in a way that exceeded all my expectations.

I can never find enough words to thank Deena for her dedication and competence."

- Firas Shugaa

Oakville, ON

Image of client testimonial DEENA RIZWAN Real Estate Broker

Happy Sellers! - Shahid and Shazia Ahmed

Hamilton, ON

"I want to thank Deena for aggressively jumping on board to help us in finding a home. Having recently moved back to Ontario, we were in need of a home that would fit our family of 5 as well as our budget. After connecting with Deena, it was within 24 hours that we found the perfect house. She handled everything, even going above and beyond to ensure we understood those "little" things that are different from province to province.

Our experience was stress-free and enjoyable and I would not only use her again in the future, but I would also highly recommend her to anyone."

- Toresa Slater

Oakville, ON

My heartfelt impressions of my experience working with you, Deena:

Wow, Exceptional” are the two words that come to me to describe the incredible assistance I received from Deena in my house search to relocate from Calgary to TO/GTA. I was referred to her by my son, who Deena assisted in his relocation from Vancouver to Toronto.

Having provided an outline of my demanding needs, Deena wasted no time in sending me listings to my e-mail for review, which were flowing daily. For two weeks I felt that she was working exclusively for me.  When I spotted the “ideal house” she wasted no time and  had my son view the property which confirmed that this was the house for me, and managed to get the first viewing.

The house was so exceptional that it attracted much interest. To get the house Deena worked diligently through her personal time and through late at night for two days, discussing the strategy, making several revisions thereafter that supported the strategy, and looking at important details. Her focus and commitment on the “D” day in assisting me till the very last minute to get the house was nothing less than exceptional for which I will be forever grateful.

Anyone that has the need and opportunity to have Deena assist them to lease or buy a house will be impressed and no doubt well represented to achieve their dreams."

- Edgardo Gonzalez

Burlington, ON

Image of client testimonial DEENA RIZWAN Real Estate Broker

This one is EXTRA SPECIAL – because at the time of this transaction, Isabelle and her husband Didier were NOT my clients, but in fact, were the party across the table from me.

I would like to thank you for all your efforts in helping us resolving a challenging situation. I was very impressed by your professionalism and your efficiency.
Hope that we will have the chance to work again together in the future."

- Isabelle de Lauzanne

Oakville, ON

Image of client testimonial DEENA RIZWAN Real Estate Broker

Happy first time home buyers :) - Rida and Maaz Hashmi

Mississauga, ON


"Deena Rizwan was recommended to me by my mortgage broker Chery Moffatt in April 2012. I have a 1500 sq. ft. bungalow, which is approximately 40 years old. The previous owners had not done any improvements to the house. When I bought the property I did extensive renovation and I must admit – I did a good job! However, when Deena came in for a staging consultation, I was surprised at how different staging can be from interior decorating.

At first I resisted her suggestions and ‘to-do’ list, and I will admit that I was rather argumentative. I really couldn’t see the value in it. But Deena was patient and never gave up. After we completed the necessary work, I was totally impressed with the final result. She did outstanding work! Deena is patient and diplomatic, and knows how to get the job done. She is smart, capable and hardworking – and comes up with economical and creative solutions. I would highly recommend Deena Rizwan."

- Keith Doughty

Oakville, ON

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